Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I know it's been a long time since I've updated this blog, or any of my blogs to be honest. I've decided to combine all my blogs into one, so will now be a host to my art, ramblings and other bits and bobs that I deem necessary, important or random enough to spend time writing about.

In other news I have uploaded a brand new website to the interwebs, which is quite exciting and complicated. It is only a temporary layout at the moment, I hope to re-do it in the near future and make it a lot more interesting and personal.

I have also sorted out my Flickr and uploaded a few sets from my University course. It was a bit disappointing to be honest, as there is not a lot of work that I have produced over the past three years that I am particularly happy with.. time to redeem this methinks! I have more photos to upload but they require editing and touching up, however they will be up within the next week.

I have ALSO (I know, it's been a busy day!) started a new project, over on Tumblr. It's a 365 photo project which means that I will be producing 1 photo a day (that is not a self-portrait) to keep my photographic brain ticking over. It's empty and boring at the moment, but it will grow and develop into a sort of visual diary for me, and hopefully it might be quite interesting for you too.

In other news, my lovely B bought me a wonderful anniversary present, photographs of which shall be up when it is finished along with progress shots!

Now I am aware this has been text dominated post so I shall sign off with my latest painting, a piece from the Tarot series I am currently working on. Enjoy!

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